Prickly Shawl

All the kids are terribly sick. H5 has been to school 2 out of the past 10 days and on one of those, she came home early. T4 looks like he’s been walking the streets of NY for 10 days…shaggy hair, red and chapped face, circles under his eyes. L2 is just crabby and snotty.

And tonight, I feel it’s awful tentacles circling around my neck. It feels like a cold, prickly, shawl laying heavy on my shoulders – the promise of a fever and body aches.

Lord, have mercy.

4 thoughts on “Prickly Shawl

  1. susq says:

    uh oh…is this from Jannah’s sickness? So sorry if we passed it to you. I’ve had a cold this week, too. No fever though…just a bad sore throat, so I’m not sure if it’s from J’s illness. Let us know if you need anything, we’re home this weekend…take it easy!!

  2. So sorry to hear you’ve got the crud! Get better soon!!! We were all home today due to the 9 inches of snow!!! It would have been more fun if MY Jess wasn’t all snotty. At least she didn’t miss a day of school due to sickness – lucky break there!

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