1,000 Terrible Words

I casually walked into Starbucks last night, excited to see someone had left a copy of The New York times bunched up on a back table. I plunked down, put the steamy latte to my lips, and a then I saw it.

The saddest, most disturbing picture I’ve ever seen. It was of a beautiful Kenyan women lying in a pool of blood, dead. And in the background was her little son, crying. If a picture is worth a thousand words, they all came storming into my head as I stared at the picture.

I stared at it until it was time for me to leave. I’m still staring at it in my head. Would you please pray for peace in Kenya today and for that nameless little boy who saw his mother murdered.

3 thoughts on “1,000 Terrible Words

  1. that kind of thing rips my heart out. Every motherless little one out there could be my little one… and I feel like God must be preparing my heart to adopt again….

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