Tag Happy

I’ve been tagged again, by my pal Megan at Halfpint House. So, here goes…

6 non-important things/habits/quirks about myself:

1. I played the alto saxophone until my Sophomore year of college. That year I had to choose between the Madrigal Singers and the Marching Band. Hands down, the Madrigal Singer’s period costume won over my waistline enhancing (actually enormificating) Marching Band uniform. Still, nothing gets my heart pounding like a good drum line.

2. I did not gain the Freshman 15, although I wish I had. I gained the “Never Been In Control of my own Caloric Intake” 30!!! The daily, all you can eat style cafeteria in my dorm proved just to much for my very limited will power. I weighed more when I graduated college then I did 9 months pregnant with my kids.

3. Amazingly, when I met my Hunky Hubby, those 30 pounds melted off very mysteriously. Seriously, I was not dieting! I will always thank God for His special wedding gift to me!

4. Three years ago I discovered slippers. Now I am a tiny bit obsessed with them. They are the first thing I put on in the morning and even before I help my kids with their boots and coats, I put on my slippers. Last year, mid-winter, I smelled the foulest odor. I cleaned the floors, scrubbed every toilet, and even bleached the garbage can. Finally, I bent over just far enough to realize the stench was coming from my slippers! Now, I remember to wash mine every once in a while.

5. My favorite flower is the tulip.

6. My beautiful daughter, H5, has worn bifocals since she was 15 months old. For some reason her brain chooses to use one eye at a time, so the one not being used turns in towards her nose. The hope is, she’ll wear them until she’s 7 or 8 and then (prayfully) her brain will have retrained itself to use both eyes at the same time.

There you go! I feel like I need to say “Excuse Me” for burping out useless personal facts about myself!

2 thoughts on “Tag Happy

  1. I weighed my lowest at 4 months pregnant with Jess – 99lbs!!! Of course, I was in the hospital receiving fluids because of the stupid severe morning sickness! (And the biggest reason that we stopped having children after 2!)

    I wear a housecoat. Every Day. It’s waist-length & brown & makes me look like a teddy bear, but it’s soooo warm & it has pockets to stash Kleenex, Chapstick, & cough drops!

    My favorite flower is the lilac.

  2. I’m loving the tagging…helps me get to “know” people

    but it weirds me out a bit to be tagged since lets face it, I’m already such an open book. Do you know anybody else on the planet who posts pictures of her dirty house???? What else could people want to know????

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