Following His Lead

As we enter this time of transition, there are many, many, many decisions to be made. So many in fact, I have hesitated to begin even listing them, let alone begin to pray, as I tend to become overwhelmed. At this point I think I’m just scanning the horizon watching for answers, opportunities, information, and a detailed answer to my every question from the Creator of the universe.

Anyway, I think we just spotted a blip out there. A couple on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ, who knows we are hoping to find a temporary housing situation in Dekalb, has asked if we would like to live in their home next school year, August to June. They are doing a sabbatical in Florida, so it would serve them to have us in the home, and it would of course be wonderful for us to have a place to land for a while when we move. It would afford us an opportunity to survey the land for a while before we buy a home there.

I (true to form) have already thought of every single reason why this is a bad idea.

Why in the world would we want to live in a beautiful 4 bedroom home for a year when we could squish into a nasty 2 bedroom apartment for a few months until we can’t stand it any longer and buy a house we don’t even really like just to get out of there?

Why get entangled with a family who has a shared investment in the campus and is seeking Christ, when we could be stand-off-ish and snobby about being “Navigators.”

Why take a small step of faith and move towards a God provided opportunity, when we could design every aspect of our move and get totally lost in the process, eventually resorting to making decisions by pulling pieces of paper out of a hat?


5 thoughts on “Following His Lead

  1. Hee Hee. Um, yes and um, I do? Really though, I’m so naturally negative, it helps me to exagerate my stupid thoughts until I can see how dumb they really are! Then I can make better choices. Can you relate?

  2. Megan says:

    I can think of one. Because it’s totally stressful to live in someone else’s house when you have kids. But this does sound like a great situation, so as long as you all have your expectations laid out at the beginning you should be fine. Just make sure they understand that your kids *might* do something to their home and you don’t want to have to worry about that for 9 months…

    I’m just talking through our own living-in-someone-else’s-home-with four-small-kids like we did before moving to St. Louis.

    Still – this does sound like a great possibility for you all!

  3. Amy C.-baptism buddy says:

    I forgot about the “rivalry” between Navigators and Crusaders! It will be fun to see what God shows you in these next few weeks- sounds like a great idea….4 bedrooms…more room!

  4. sheri says:

    Watch out for those Crusaders!

    “Navigators never daters….when they date…..they date crusaders!!! Hee, hee….it worked for me!

    We are praying for your transition to the land of corn!! We are still keeping our “ears” open for opportunities!

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