Finishing Well

Mmm… As the beginning of the semester is underway, I find I am lacking the usual enthusiasm I have for ministry on campus. There are a few possible causes at play, but I think it’s probably a case of “Checking Out Early Syndrome.” I know this syndrome like the back of my hand as a former camp counselor.

After a long summer of being with kids you begin to feel tired and your heart and mind start drifting toward home, friends, sleep, and home-cooked meals. The kids are suddenly a lot more annoying then they were at the beginning of the summer. The stress of the upcoming semester starts lurking closer and closer. And, oh yeah, you have three more weeks of campers to go!

And suddenly you have it, and have it bad. The dreaded, Checking Out Early Sydrome. Symptoms include a feeling of tense anticipation of the future, and a total disregard for present responsabilities and friendships.

I’ve got it – bad.

We are putting our house up on the market in a few months, hoping to sell and move to Dekalb, IL over the summer. My mind and heart are constantly drawn toward the future…

Where will we live? What are we doing about school? Where will we live? Will I go back to school? Where will we live?  

Thankfully, I’ve heard many, many, many (did I say many) wonderful and inspirational talks on finishing well.  It’s time to start running those tapes in my mind.

I don’t want to duck out of town after a lame semester of feeling withdrawn and distracted. So, here we go. Thank you Craig Dunham and Jack McQueeney for all your talks on excellence and finishing well from my days at Eagle Lake Camp. They may be what gets me through these next few months.

One thought on “Finishing Well

  1. Thanks for sharing your heart here, Jess, as well as the kudos. Praying for your transition (as well as the time leading up to it), that you would be faithful just as God is faithful with all things big and small, even while he plans for the final restoration and consummation of his creation.

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