Please don’t laugh

Thanks for the great music suggestions. I AM an Over the Rhine fan, but I find I can only listen to them in very limited quantities. The same is true for most, what I call, “achingly beautiful” music. I love it, I could eat and drink it every day, all day, but then – I would die.

See, this “achingly beautiful” music, with it’s acoustic layering, rich melodies, and lyrics that sway in-between hopeful and dark, make me moody.

Instead of just appreciating it, I fall into it. I’m suddenly looking at everything as “achingly beautiful” and in my mind are streams of consciousness something like this…

“Look at him, little T4 over there. He is so full of tenderness and quiet angst. I love his cuddles in the morning. He can be so thoughtful, so gentle, so kind. Soon the world will hurt him. Soon some yucky boy will tease him for this tenderness and he’ll be scarred. The tenderness will turn to toughness and emotional isolation. He’ll push me away, he’ll harden himself to my love, all love…he’ll be alone, isolated, cold, dark, sad, lonely…”

And then, it’s as if I’m suddenly stuck in a Hallmark movie, right before the wonderful reconciliation when the dramatic, “what in the world will happen to us all” music is playing.  

Yup – that’s me. What…a…mess…

3 thoughts on “Please don’t laugh

  1. i remember shortly after the ‘titanic’ movie came out, i was listening to the soundtrack while talking with some dear friends. by the end of it, i was convinced that the world was coming to an end and that john (we were dating at the time) was going to come back from a trip to chicago and break up with me. (he was in fact buying my engagement ring that weekend!) yes, music is a mood maker or breaker!

    still on the OTR beat, try along the lines of ‘paul and virginia’ or ‘rhapsody.’ 🙂

  2. nancypantslassy says:

    Oh my goodness! I don’t know that I’ve ever met another Over the Rhine fan! :^D My hubby especially loves them. (BTW Have you ever heard their potty training song? Hilarious.) But I know what you mean. I also LOVE Innocence Mission in the same way.

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