Presence of mind

T4 and I just took a year off both our lives. T4 decided to test and see whether or not I would totally freak and nearly implode into a million bits and pieces if he suddenly disappeared in the grocery store. I did, of course.

You know, he was probably gone for all of 2 minutes, but in that time I developed a heart condition, a migraine, and the need for nearly 2 years of daily chiropractic care.

Once I found him, I decided I would teach him a very good lesson. We abandoned the cart and I dragged led him out to the car. We had a very stern talk about stranger danger, purposefully worrying mothers, etc. Then I noticed L2 was clutching a box of Dora band-aids – stolen of course. So, I marched back into the store and gave them to customer service.

Then I backed the car out and began to lay on the guilt trip about how now we’d have to start over grocery shopping tomorrow, how we’d all be very hungry tonight…and then I remembered the little ticket in the cart the nice lady at the donut counter gave us so we could pay for the 3 donuts we’d eaten while shopping. Well, now they were stolen donuts.

We quickly found a parking spot, dragged ourselves back to the store, found our lonely little cart and finished our shopping.

We are all kind of laughing about it now and T4 is heartily sorry, but I wish I could have had more presence of mind in the moment. Of course, presence of mind is a quality I’ve never known, so it’s unreasonable to expect it might suddenly show up in the middle of a grocery store crisis. Silly, silly, me.

2 thoughts on “Presence of mind

  1. susq says:

    Oh Man….I’m already freaking out about the day Jannah does that to me. I think I’d run to the counter and declare a store lock down or something…then start running and screaming throughout the store…I’m gonna be one of those cool, calm and collected Mamas…NOT!
    See ya tomorrow 🙂

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