It’s true. After a long break from (my) work, weekly commitments like Bible studies, meetings with students and staff, hosting responsibilities, etc – we are rested and our home is “open” again.

We kind of “closed up shop” for a few weeks right after Christmas. The gal who was living with us moved out, Hunky Hubby’s family came, and we just needed to have some privacy. We all wore our jammies a lot and enjoyed long days of going nowhere.

I feel like after these wonderful couple of weeks, I’m ready to put the “open” sign back up. For me, it’s a real choice to have an open home. It means I encourage people to be with us here – and I have to have the right heart to be genuine about that.

Practically, it means another student living with us. It means hosting events and gatherings here. It means Hunky Hubby can invite friends and students over when he wants to (which is much more frequently than this little introvert is comfortable with) and it means the kids can have pals over too.

It’s what I’ve always wanted – the kind of home where people feel the freedom to drop by, stay for dinner, stay over on the way somewhere, pop in to do some laundry, whatever.

It’s NOT what I’m naturally gifted at. I’m private. I’m selfish. I’m messy. I’m unprepared. I’m closed.

But, with the Lord’s help – I try the best I can. So, if any one should find themselves in Madison – the Dager home is open to ya!


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