I get it now

Growing up my mom wore some very EMBARRASSING T-shirts. One I remember particularly well was her Bonyton Cat shirt which read, “Sex, Mice, and Rock and Roll.”

Can you imagine being a 10 year old on the way to band practice and you realize all your friends and all their mothers will see your mom in that?

I remember vowing I would NEVER wear anything that might embarrass my children in the same way. But, actually, now I think I understand why Mom did things like that.

After being a mom for a while I catch myself fondly remembering my “Former Self.” You know the one with all the “potential,” “edgy-hipness,” and “creative soul.” (I’m speaking about YOU here, not me…) I sometimes want the world to know what I’m all about, besides my beloved kiddos and wonderful hubby.

Fortunately for everyone, I’m too cheap to make my own T-shirts, because UNFORTUNATELY, I’m too immature to create t-shirts that speak to my real identity. You probably wouldn’t catch me wearing ones that said,

“Committed Christ Follower” – although  I am.

“Lover of Humanity” – although I am.

“God’s Word is my Anchor” – although it is.

I would probably be sporting something along these lines…

“Voted most likely to become a Superstar in Highschool.” 

(Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha – what were they thinking?)

and of course…

“I Bungie Jumped in New Zealand!”

and don’t forget…

“I listen to U2 people!”

Anyway, all that to say – I get you Mom.

One thought on “I get it now

  1. I don’t know why I just can’t stop giggling – maybe I relate here???

    Maybe we could have a “Hey I’m still cool” party sometime. We could wear our funky, hand-made T-shirts under our old Flannel shirts (like we did during our grunge-rock-loving college days!!!)

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