You’ll find me in the rocking chair

I’m giving myself a little time out right now. Not a time out, as in, some Starbucks, my new book, the comforting buzz of chatter and espresso makers.

No, I’m talking about a time OUT. I’ve sent myself to the rocking chair where children and parents alike are sent to consider poopy attitudes, growly voices, angry eyes, bodily influences of the wrong kind (i.e. hitting, shoving, and threatening to throw things), and of course, under the breath words of wrath.

Unfortunately, on this last day of us all being at home together, and after just last night mentioning how wonderful being together has been, we have all ended this season of peace and goodwill toward men, with a festival of angry outbursts.

(I also accidentally deleted my header. I hope I can put it back up soon.)

So, as I’m sitting in the hard, creaky, isolated, rocking chair, I’ll be considering anew my incredible need for the gospel today, and everyday.

Dearest Children, you truly are not the sassiest pants in the family. I heartily apologize.

One thought on “You’ll find me in the rocking chair

  1. You know….we call our Jessica “Sassy Pants” from time to time too. I get the maddest at her when she acts the most like me – stubborn & smart-aleckey. I’ve dipped my toes into the Sea of Rage a couple times this week!!!

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