A glimpse…

Another inch of snow fell last night – putting us at a total of somewhere around 29 inches. This little inch is a gift because it covered up all the grime and grit that has tarnished the heaps of snow lying near the roads and driveways.  Now all is winter white again and clean.

Hunky Hubby’s parents, sister, and our two cousins are driving here as I write. The bread and cookies are baked, the cupboards are stocked, every stitch of laundry is done and put away, the beds are made up, the towels and linens are neatly folded and stacked at the end of the beds, and the Christmas lights are all on.

The entire is family is weary from preparing. The kids from waiting and waiting and waiting. Hunky Hubby and I from trying to get the house ready and our life a little ahead so we don’t fall behind. I just need to take a moment now before it all begins to stop and get my heart folded and tucked in.

I’ll post some pictures of us all soon. We are a handsome bunch – especially Hunky Hubby, I must say!

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