“Sniff, sob,…ouch.”

I am yet again struggling through another strep infection. This time there was a delay in getting my antibiotics and only thanks to the harrowing efforts of Hunky Hubby I finally got some in the middle of the night on Tuesday. Let’s just say he left a trail of very disgruntled nurses along his war path.

I am very thankful though. Turns out, I grow a very rare Group C strep which does not show up as positive on a rapid strep test. Bummer. So, after sending me home without a strep diagnosis, the doctor (who Hunky Hunky finally managed to take to…at midnight…) was none to pleased to find out I had a high fever, was puking, my tonsil was three times it’s normal size and covered in a lovely white coat of grossness, and that I in bed crying and moaning because it was painful to be lying down – my hips were throbbing of all things. Very, very, bad.

The first round of antibiotics really helped. I can at least walk around now, but because there was that delay, my tonsil is still really huge and painful, so I think I’ll be out of commission for a few more days. The poor kids were all crying last night for me to tuck them in, but I just couldn’t.

Hunky Hubby took a wonderful picture of my tonsil, but I’ll spare you. You might throw up your breakfast. Have a wonderful day and if you have a second, please pray for me and my monster tonsil.

3 thoughts on ““Sniff, sob,…ouch.”

  1. Khrista says:

    I’m so sorry you are so sick! I will certainly pray for quick healing. Strep is no fun, and you have what sounds to be a very bad case! Rest, and heal quickly!

  2. susq says:

    wowza Jess….I hope you feel better soon. We take off tomorrow after work for MN, but let me know if you need ‘backup’ for tomorrow during the day. I’ve only got Ruthie here all day. Merry Christmas!!

  3. Dwight has really huge, gross tonsils too (even when h’es not sick!) – is that a “singer” trait???

    I hope you’re feeling much better now. It’s hard to be sick this time of year – I’m just getting over a very loooong, very headachy cold. YUCK!

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