It’s one of THOSE days

You know THOSE days…

The “people pleaser” and “poorly organized” aspects of my personally crashed into each other today creating a nightmare for the entire family. I said yes to around 7 things for this particular day because I felt I couldn’t say no, and then failed to write any of them down until the other day when it dawned on me – OH! We can not possibly pull this all off. Wait – it gets worse.

Then the “Double People Pleaser, Hunky Hubby Abuser” reared it’s ugly head – so instead of canceling anything, I simply forced my husband to cover half of the obligations!  Wait – it gets worse.

Then, the “Stress Maniac, Stomach Monster” showed up and now instead of being able to help with the other 3.78 things left to finish before I send Hunky Hubby to campus for the 4th time today – I need to lie down for a few hours.

Then, because this is all going on, kiddos are displaying versions of “I’m feeling neglected, why don’t I just poop in my pants even though I’m 4” and “I’m too tired to carry my backpack, why don’t you – about to die a slow death by stomachache mommy, heavy laden with bags of junk, trash from the car, old coffee cups, and guilt!”


Wait. No. Not gonna go there.

Please check back tomorrow for a cheerful and delightful post compliments of at least 6 entire hours of sleep and 1 hour of time with the Lord tonight.

2 thoughts on “It’s one of THOSE days

  1. Megan says:

    So sorry, Friend. I put up a whiny post yesterday (not saying yours is… but mine was…) and then needed to pull it down later. I understand.

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