Snow Day Theology


Racing, racing, racing around getting ready for school. We all were up way too late and feeling groggy. The sled is at a friend’s house and must be picked up before school. The boots are wet and need a few minutes in the dryer before we head out. The lunch is only half packed. I think we are all wondering, “Are we going to make it today?”

And then we hear the good news! School is cancelled – it’s a SNOW DAY!

We all dance around the living room, our hearts light. Suddenly there is a sense of hope! We will all be OK. No need to strive, hurry, gut it out, or worry. Suddenly all we were wishing we had – extra time to cuddle and play, work, and finish, extra energy to be thoughtful, creative, extra breathing room to not have to move at break neck speed – it has been provided.

As I was dancing around the living room this morning yelling, “SNOW DAY!” with the kids, I was thinking in my heart how similar the feeling is to recognizing the good news of the Gospel. Suddenly, in the same way, He provides grace, love, forgiveness, mercy, and perspective. 

As a young girl, this good news brought me a tremendous sense of peace and hope. I clung to the good news like my kids watch the TV for the snow day report! Suddenly, my life went from overwhelming and troubled, to purposeful and filled with hope. He was with me… what I needed was provided – in a flash, just like the snow day report.

Today, the good news is still very, very, good. Better, actually. When I think about the gospel in my life, I am lighter, more hopeful. Again, a hurried and worrisome life can rejoice and rest. He has provided, again – and transformed my life, again.

It’s a daily choice to accept this good news, and dance around the living room – rejoicing in the knowledge of it.

Today, I’m rejoicing!

Happy Snow Day everyone!

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