Simple Things

We’ve had a lot of snow over the last couple of days. T4 has been waiting and waiting to get out in it, but we’ve been busy, it’s been too cold, and then the last straw – after searching and searching – we discovered the ENTIRE town is out of sleds.

Thankfully, Hunky Hubby answered the call. Take a look at this ecstatic T4 enjoying a great ride down a little mound of snow on a trash can lid!


Where am I you ask? Enjoying the warm indoors of course! I ran outside for the 2.5 seconds it took me to snap the shot. I do love to sled, but I’m finding it harder and harder each year to bust out the snow pants. I never thought I’d find anything else less flattering than my Illinois State Marching Band Uniform, but the combination of my very bulky down coat and my snow pants is a sight to behold!

Good thing I have a cute hair cut at least…

One thought on “Simple Things

  1. Cardboard works really well in a pinch too – esp. if you can duct tape some plastic on the underside. The kids can even have fun decorating the topside! (A Dwight special!!!)

    Go Redbirds!!!! 😉

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