“Oh, the weather outside is frightful…”

A huge winter storm is coming our way, complete with snow, sleet, and ice. I’m actually looking forward to a little forced down time after a busy week. We did have plans to go cut down the Christmas tree today, but I think instead we’ll all enjoy long baths, baking, and cartoons.

Unfortunately, in order to fully enjoy these blessed snow days, I needed to brave the grocery store this morning – with all the kids. I knew it was going to be nuts, but I thought maybe if I got there early enough, I could avoid the worst of it. As soon as the kids footsie jammied feet hit the floor, coats were on, donuts were promised, and the van was pulling out of the garage.

We raced through the store, which is quite a work out when you are pushing a “Monster Mommy Cart” piled high with food and three kids on a sprinkled donut induced sugar high. We got in the shortest of the longest lines in history, and the cashier calmly announced the debit card reader was broken. What???

I could barely make out the ATM sign located in the farthest corner of the store! I was just about to really hate everyone, (and possibly break out into a little Physic Assault) when suddenly I felt very, very sorry for this poor cashier. Can you imagine having to tell hundreds of tense and panicking people they have to abandon their carts and find cash? Thankfully, the ATM was still stocked with cash and we were able to get out without too much more stress.

So, despite the fact that my heart is still racing, I’m thankful to be home with a fridge full of food. And thanks to my dear friend Megan, I have an amazing new Christmas Mix to listen to. Yes, it’s going to be a great day after all.

One thought on ““Oh, the weather outside is frightful…”

  1. Jess! Thanks for your post on our blog…thought I’d return the sentiment. I have loved reading your blog and catching up with the Dagers. You have such a great style of expressing yourself, and I miss it! Looking forward to keeping in touch via the blog world. 🙂

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