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May I suggest another amazing read? Let me introduce a stunning, balm-of-Gilead, book entitled Doubt – Faith in Two Minds.  The amazing Oz Guiness wrote this back in 1976, when I was two. But, I think he must have had some sort of super natural glimpse into my heart and mind.

I’ve had two very serious seasons of doubt, in terms of my faith. The first was right after Hunky Hubby and I were married, and the other a couple of summers ago. Both were preceded by serious spiritual drought, antagonized by memories and fears from my past, and exited from with sincere joy and gratefulness to God.

I read Reaching for the Invisible God, by Phillip Yancey, which I also highly recommend right after Hunky Hubby and I were married. It was the first time I’d read about a serious follower of Christ honestly wrestling with doubt and the particulars of relating with, yes, an invisible God. The comfort it brought me to know I was not alone is my struggle was a treasured gift. I guess I’d known people who had struggled with doubt before, but it felt they were struggling with whether or not they WANTED to follow Christ. I was struggling with scary, isolating theories like, “What if God totally does not, never has, never will exist and this is just the only life I’m able to live because I’m so weak and stupid and brainwashed.” OUCH!!!! Needless to say, the Lord was kind, merciful, and LOUD in addressing this in my life. I walked away from that season with a renewed gratefulness to God for showing up in the exact way I needed Him to.

I picked up, Doubt – Faith in Two Minds, several years ago, but just read it. I have to say, if you have ever struggled with doubt, in any form, you should read this book. It’s informative, encouraging, challenging, and masterfully written.

“Doubt acts as a sparring partner both to truth and error. It keeps faith trim and helps to shed the paunchiness of false ideas. Like a terrier, doubt worries at weak ideas until they escape reinvigorated or collapse exhausted. It is the nature of doubt aways to be questioning, challenging, inquiring, cross examining. Doubt is not inarticulate though its questions may lie deeper than words.”

If you’ve read it too, what did you think?

If you’ve struggled with doubt and have some encouraging words, PLEASE SHARE THEM!

If you have any other books YOU’D recommend on the subject, please share!


One thought on “I recommend…

  1. During some of my MOST difficult times of doubt, I saw a hawk in the sky. These happened in different times & places, but spoke to me so powerfully because hawks aren’t an everyday occurance around here. Anyway…..it’s not like God is giving me a sign of His presence every time that I need it, but it DOES happen to me at some of my weakest moments. I take it as a sign that God is with me & nobody can convince me otherwise.

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