Taking a Break

T4 and I are both a little obsessed with the computer we share. Hunky Hubby has his laptop, H5 and L2 would rather run around pretending they are farm animals – but Tim and I – total addicts.  We lurk around “our” computer all day… I’m checking my email, skimming my blogs, browsing over at Etsy.com. Then there’s Tim, who could probably play computer games ALL day if I let him. We both need to slow down a little.  I just broke the terrible news to him, which include a mini fast from all things with a screen, and then some tighter time limitations for both of us. He’s curled up in my lap right now sobbing. In between sobs he’s saying, “I don’t want to take a break mom… I never, ever, ever, ever want to.”

I think I made the right move. Definitely.

Tonight, I’ll be the one curled up on the couch crying for some bloggy surfing time. This is gonna hurt!

I’ll be back after the weekend to resume Sassy Pants….

Here…. I…. go…..

2 thoughts on “Taking a Break

  1. bendager says:

    Well, you almost made it one day sweetie. I regret to inform you and more importantly your readers that I walked in on your blog contest bingeing this evening. For the right price, Tim doesn’t have to know anything 🙂

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