Sorry for the whiny post. I almost deleted it, but then, that would be kind of cheating. Anyway, last night I was praying about my “introvertedness” and felt very convicted about what I mean when I say and feel like “I need to get time alone.” I’ve posted about this before here, but alas, I have obviously still not fully learned the lesson.

I think more than being an introvert and just needing quiet and time to think, what I mean when I want to be alone is that I want to walk out on my life for a while. I want to cut ties with everyone and everything. I want to be released from all expectations, obligations, friendships…everything. I’m an independe-vert. I long (sometimes) to be an island. This is probably the reason why I don’t run to The Lord when I do get time away. He is also who I am running from.

This is challenging. This is not something easily resolved. This is humbling. But, this is me.

My name is Jess and I am an independe-vert. Anyone want to join my support group?

3 thoughts on “Independe-vert

  1. susie says:

    Hey Jess…I’ll join šŸ™‚ I often have that feeling of wanting to cut ties and walk away. I think for me that’s been part of the process of figuring out the new mommy role. Actually, when we were hanging out with you guys thurs. night I was freaking out about my choice to join my church choir and thinking of how much time I’m now committing to it. Please don’t ever hesitate to call if you’d like your kiddos to come over for a sleep over night so you can have time to yourself. Or…call me for a coffee date so we can have some good uninterrupted conversation!

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