Low Tech Plug

My friends over at Halfpint House and Second Drafts received some very sad news today. The boy they have sponsored through Compassion International was recently killed. They both have beautiful posts today about his life and getting to meet him and see his home in Uganda. My heart is heavy today with them as they mourn his death.

Their posts reminded me of our own “kids” across the globe. Please forgive these low tech photos… but I think you can see despite the bad pics that these kids are amazingly beautiful.




I’ve sponsored Harufa for nearly 13 years through World Vision. She and I “met” when I was in college and I’ve watched her grow up via letters and photos all these years. She lives in Kenya and will soon be graduating her program!

The boys live in Rwanda. They actually live in the same village, participate in the same Compassion International Program and are buds. They discovered this when they each received a picture of us and connected the dots. They thought is was pretty funny. 

I’m not posting these pics to say, “Look at me!! I sponsor some kids in Africa!!!” I’m posting today to let you in on a little secret.

Sponsoring them has blessed our lives so much, we wish we could sponsor more!

It’s not just a check sent every month to nowhereville. We have the awesome opportunity to partner with Jesus in his work among these beautiful kids. We don’t get to physically hold them, that’s the only bummer. The more we get to know them, but more and more we long to do so. One of the boys lost his father this year. That was hard. His letter was filled with sadness and Hunky Hubby and I both wanted to book a flight and be by his side.  

So, what are you waiting for? These kids are beautiful, funny, smart, crazy AND hungry, sick, and need to know someone loves them enough to help them, and that Jesus loves them and has a plan for them. Go grab your debit card and head over to Compassion Internation or World Vision (just to name a few great organizations) and invite one of these beauties into your life. You will be SO blessed.

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