“Leaving on a jet plane…”

“…don’t know when I’ll be back again.” Name that tune anyone?

I’m actually not leaving on a JET plane, just in a minivan, but I will be away from my kids for 5 days here in a few weeks. I am totally freaked out. I’m sick about leaving the kids for so long, but I love my hubby and when he said, “We are going.” I said, “No WAY.”

I said that for a few weeks. Then I said, “Only if you arrange ALL the childcare.” I said this to put him off a little, but also because I knew each detail I had to work on would create guilt feelings that would follow me all the way to our destination. Wouldn’t you know, he got it all worked out.

Then I said, “But now I’ll have to clean out every single closet, drawer, and shelf so people will be able to find things and so they won’t discover what a mess I am.”

So, thus begins the Pre-Trip Total Home Makeover. Friends, despite appearances, there is no semblance of organization anywhere in this house, which works for me. I know where I stuff, shove, and hide things. But, my wonderful friends and my super mom, can’t spend all morning looking for cereal and socks.

Also, since I’ve started I might as well touch up the paint in the entire house so no one knows how many times L2 has colored on the walls. Oh yeah, and I better steam clean all the carpets so know one will know how many places L2 has peed on them. I also better find those pesky sheets for all the kid’s bed so no one finds out I actually never put sheets on thier beds. And I wonder if anyone will think it’s strange that T4 sleeps nude, on the floor, wrapped in a comforter? While I’m at this thing, how ’bout I re-landscape just a little, wipe down all the light fixtures, and put down some new hardwood floors in the kitchen…

So, by the time I actually leave, I’m betting I’ll be just about dead.

One thought on ““Leaving on a jet plane…”

  1. Hi!
    I came over here after seeing your comment for the contest on Laura’s blog, for my haircutting ebook. I just loved reading this post. You really cracked me up! I think I found a friend. LOL
    One of our favorite “get ready to leave on vacation” routines is stash stuff in boxes and put it in the crawlspace. I have NO idea what is down there from the last time.

    I hope you have a wonderful, stress free trip!


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