I’ve never been big on waiting. We all hate lines at the grocery store (especially when we have kids in tow), traffic jams, the new season of The Office to begin… I hate waiting, but “Emotional waiting” or worrying is the worst kind of waiting.

Right now I’m doing some of that with T4. He’s in a rough place – inflexible, and easily angered. I’m trying hard to keep my cool, try new things, wait it out, but inside I’m close to freaking out.

“Does he have ADHD?”

“Does he have sensory integration issues?”

“Does he feel neglected as the middle kid?”

 “What have I done that has caused this?”

He has an appointment in a few weeks with his pediatrician and maybe by that time whatever is bothering him will have been figured out, or maybe I’ll have figured out that it’s definitely something I need help with. Either way – I’m “emotionally waiting” right now, watching the days go by, taking notes, praying, and waiting…

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