Is there a doctor in the house? Is it possible to always have the strep bacteria laying low in your body and when said body is a little run down the strep monster sees it’s chance to grow and take over? I get strep every year at least once. I’m currently suffering through the second round in 2 months. It never fails… I get a little over busy, over tired, under fed, under, under, under…. and HELLO STREP.

Never a cold. Never the flu. Always strep.

In light of this, I would like to prescribe MYSELF some anti-stess-otics.

1. Go to bed before 11.

2. Watch Arthur and Cyberchase WITH the kids instead of running around trying to save the world during that hour.

3. Do not skimp on coffee or creamer.

4. Do drink more water.

5. Do eat more, and less. More healthy, less junky.

6. When you give the kids a healthy, balanced meal, make one for yourself too instead of telling yourself you’ll eat later and then not doing it.

7. Do not fret. The Lord knows.

Ahhhh… I’m feeling better already.

One thought on “Strep…

  1. amt says:

    Yes, you can be a strep carrier. I had it for four years after my son was born: feel poorly-take antibiotics-feel better about 5 weeks-then need antibiotics again-tonsilectomy did no good-more antibiotics-and so on and so on. Antibiotics don’t seem to get rid of it entirely.

    After my kid started sleeping through the night (at four and a half years old!!!) then I got the rest I needed to conquer the strep. My doctor said it can live in your nose and sinuses and you don’t test positive for it with the swab and culture.

    Your list is a great start (except maybe number 3 but I totally hear ya), and also I would recommend a Centrum multivitamin and some extra zinc.

    Best wishes

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