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The above blog is a neat site I’ve been lurking around. It’s a place to experiment with expressing the creativity you may have left at the hospital when you brought your baby home, or tucked under the growing piles of homework on your desk, or accidentally run over and killed on your way to your 1,000th commitment of the day. Whatever the case, this is the first exercise I’ve participated in and it was fun. I encourage you to visit over there and try out some of the ideas.

The object of this week’s “challenge” was to think of a ritual that has/will help us release our fears. It reminded me of something I did last summer that really helped me.

That summer I was working through some painful relationship stuff with my Dad. For many years I’d experienced a great deal of peace with him and then something between us surfaced and there was suddenly a huge amount of anger there. A lady who was helping me process this encouraged me to think though the lies in my heart that were feeding the anger. They could be lies directly related to my dad, or just lies in general that seemed to plague me.

She helped me see how lies can begin to stack on top of one another, sort of like Legos do. One lie can connect with another, which can create another, which can strengthen another. You get the picture ? No – how’s this.


So, after I spent some time thinking through these lies and how they related to each other and were feeding each other – I took them to God. The women who was helping me encouraged me to take the “structure” apart and pray over the individual pieces. She encouraged me to pray that as I physically took apart the structure, I could believe God to do the same in a spiritual sense – undoing the lies in my heart, helping me to release these fears and painful memories over to Him.

Well, in my case God had something else in mind. I did pray over the structure, but then I had a wonderful dream. In the dream I was a little girl sitting beside the Lego structure. I sensed I was waiting for God to come and help me take the Legos apart. Instead, I saw myself grow into a woman. Suddenly the Legos looked small and God said, “Knock that over.” So, I did. I kicked over the Lego structure and that huge wall of fears and pain became a very nonthreatening pile of blocks. Kind of like this…


It was a very healing dream. I was reminded that Jesus had walked with me through all the memories that had caused the pain. I was reminded that despite those things, He loved me, was helping me to know Him more each day and that with His help, these lies and painful memories could have as much power over me as the pathetic pile of Legos did – none.

I encourage you to think through a painful memory, and some of the lies or wounds that may have connected themselves to it. Use the Legos as a physical reminder that these things can become very large obstacles to our healing. Then in whatever way is helpful to you, take the structure apart. Pray over it piece by piece, or knock them all over at once in victory. However you do it, invite Jesus into the process. Let Him show you His power to remove these things from our lives.

So, there it is. It was so healing and refreshing to think through that ritual. Thanks Wrapped Emotions for spurring me on.

10 thoughts on “Challenging Creativity

  1. Thank you for sharing your ritual and the healing it has been for you. That is a wonderful idea and way to tackle those feelings. In regards to your dream, I believe that God speaks to us through them when we really need it. I know that has happened to me before, too.

    Thanks for sharing! I am enjoying Melody’s projects for us, too. It is really opening me up emotionally and creatively.

  2. Jess, how powerful. We do literally stacks our fears, our emotions. The visual of building them up and physically tearing them down resonates. When I laid out this challenge, this prompt I knew I would be enlightened. However, I never expected t be so emotional from reading and seeing the ritual and hearing the fears, the blocks of others.

    Thank you for sharing yourself intimately and vividly.

  3. I’m so glad you chose to de-lurk. These challenges have been fun but at times hard. I love your analogy on how we build our negative feelings on one another and that strengthens them. Thanks for sharing.

  4. childlife says:

    Jess – Thank you for sharing such a powerful visual! What a great reminder of the truly insignificant size of the worries we stack up into such seemingly towering structures!

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