What was I thinking?

The other night I stayed up until 2 a.m. enjoying a wonderful chat with a student friend. Umm… did you read that? 2 A.M. I haven’t stayed up that late on purpose, well… for over 10 years.

A student who just graduated and I met together after Bible study on campus around 10:30, so I knew it was going to be a late night, but when I thought late night I meant midnight MAX. Well, we got to talking about life, boys, Jesus, people, relationships, fears, hurts, healing, love… We could have gone on and on, but it was 2 A.M.

I stumbled into bed and was rudely awakened by L2 at 5:30 in the morning. I don’t remember much about that day. After a great night’s sleep last night, I am STILL not fully back to normal. My eyes are red, my face feels hot, and I’ve eaten 2 candy bars today just because. I also yelled at my husband on my cell phone while I was driving back to campus because in my weariness I somehow decided it was all his fault I was running late, got lost, and couldn’t find a parking spot.

Tonight a gal and I went through a dorm on campus inviting people to a Bible study in her room. We must have knocked on 25 doors. Alongside inviting to study, it was our desire to just make these gals feel loved. We asked about where they were from, how school was going, their majors. Small talk drains me like nothing else, but it was important to not just stick a flyer in their hands and walk away. So tonight, I’m weary, but satisfied, hopeful and thankful. 

All I need is another good night of sleep, a chance to say SORRY to my hunky hubby for my little road rage explosion, and some time in the Word and prayer. 

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the girls we met today. Thank you for giving me the chance to look them in the eyes and to just extend some attention, love, and concern. Protect them from the evil one who has surrounded this campus with distractions and dangers of all kinds. They are so vunerable. They are the sheep without a shepherd, far away from home, and in need of you. Lord, give them to us.

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