Who ARE these people?

I have been SO busy reading some great new blogs, I’ve nearly forgotten about my own. I am so impressed with some of the woman out there I’m getting to know via the blog world.

So, there’s Ree over at http://www.thepioneerwoman.com/, who is already over there on my permanent blogrole because she is so funny, very creative, and deeply in love with her husband – which is so very refreshing.

Then there’s Megan over at www.halfpinthouse.wordpress.com who has been my friend for many years and astounds me with her creative homemaking, homeschooling, and now a cool new research position with World Magazine. You should REALLY check her out!

Then there’s a new favorite www.ohmystinkinheck.com. This gal knows everything there is to know about working with a wordpress blog AND she’s funny!

OK – go here for good ideas and a little inspiration – singforhim94.blogspot.com.

And now for a little Sassy Pants… “Who are these people?” They say they are my children and they do LOOK like my children, but I’m not convinced they really ARE my children. For example, H5, who apparently is a hardworking, bright, and fun-loving kindergartener according to her teacher, stomped out of the living room yesterday informing us that we did not trust her or love her for refusing to allow her to stay up late watching Oswald videos. Mmmm??  Then there was T4 who walked in the door from preschool and promptly shoved his little sister down for no reason whatsoever.

I’m told this will pass as they adjust to being in school and I figure out what they need to get back in the swing at home, but until then we are wondering what’s up around here. So far, extra snuggling and lots of patience have been in order.

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