Two truths and a lie

You could also call this 2 Grodies and a Gag, 2 Yuckies and a Yak – whatever. Two of these things really happened today…

1. I scooped poop out of my daughter’s bath water for the 3rd time in the last 3 days. She likes to save it up for special occasions like bath time. (Oh, by the way – she’s almost 2 in case anyone was worried she was like 12 or something.)

2. While I was sprinkling Parmesan cheese on my homemade pizza, the “area” under by bicep (if you can call it that) jiggled. AUGH!! GROSS!!

3. A raccoon or something got into our trash last night, spilling the contents onto the muddy ground and leaving it to be rained on for several hours. This morning I shoveled it back into the can (stepping in a huge blob of mud) with my trusty snow shovel…

OK – you got me. All three of these gaggy things happened today. Hope you read this after dinner! 🙂

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