Controversy, Intrigue, Slander…


 OK – Just trying to get my blog stats up… Last time I posted something mildly controversial I got a lot of hits! 🙂 I figured “Controversy, Intrigue, Slander” was more interesting that “Another Red Appliance!”

For my birthday, Hunky Hubby bought me a RED crock pot. If I wasn’t so sad, I’d be happy about this. I’m sure in a few days I’ll be programing the heck out of it and enjoying potroast – but not today. I know your asking…

“Is it the Birthday Blues. You are after all 33 and quickly nearing your MID thirties!!”

      No – but thanks for reminding me.

“Is it because Hunky Hubby’s attempt at a Surprise Birthday Bash including a great meal, homemade cheesecake and presents turned into a nightmare and you had to come home from your time out, plop the kids in front of a video, and make the cheesecake yourself?”

   No – Although I was a little grouchy, I know Hunky Hubby really loves me and was trying his best. ALL plans are subject to disaster when 3 young childen are involved (and when a trip to Target to pick up cheesecake supplies includes your oldest knocking down a huge display of Thermoses which bounce all over the isle… Poor Hunky Hubby!)

“Is it because Hunky Hubby has left today for 4 days with the students who you are longing to spend time with too and also with the gal who you are supposed to be sheperding through her experience as new staff and you are realizing you are NOT a leader and feel doomed to fail in this endevour?”

   Well, actually – maybe a little… but you still haven’t hit IT.

“Is it because Sassy Pants has been gone for 3 days to kindergarten and you miss her terribly, and you feel like a failure for not homeschooling her, and you are afraid she is going to have trouble making friends and you are afraid for her feeling lonely and today you watched her play alone at the kitchen center and nearly bust out crying?”

Yes. Yes. Yes. It’s my blog and I can cry if I want to.


4 thoughts on “Controversy, Intrigue, Slander…

  1. Megan says:

    I’ve had your birthday written in my calendar for a year now because I was going to send you an e-card today. We’ve been away from the house most of the day and I didn’t do it.

    I’m so sorry!


  2. Megan says:

    Okay, now then. I read the entry – had to quickly get on here and justify my lack of cyber birthday greetings first.

    You are NOT a failure. Hear this coming from a homeschooling mom. You are still in charge of Haven’s schooling – you are still responsible for her. You’ve made the decision to put her in school. It was a thought-through decision and not a relieving babysitting option.

    She will make friends. This isn’t the end of the world and further more, if you still have misgivings a month in to everything, you can still make the choice to have her at home for a bit longer. Nothing is permanent, my friend.

    I love you!

  3. Stacy says:

    I just hopped on your blog this evening to see what you have been up to and realized it was your Birthday!!!

    Happy Birthday dear friend. I still love you…even with all the miles and life that seperate us.


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