We made it

We all made it through Sassy Pant’s first day of school. Last night, after a flurry of activity and people, I finally settled down to go to sleep and burst out crying. Is this school really best? How can I send her away for 7 hours? Augh… Finally I crawled into bed with her and prayed for her. I felt better after that.

She was all smiles this morning. She didn’t cry when we left and seemed happy to be there. She was a little quiet though, which she usually is when she feels insecure. She was smiling when I picked her up, but quiet. She told me she forgot everything about the entire day. I think it was hard. I think it was hard to not know anybody.

So, Daddy has taken her to McDonald’s to bribe her into talking with an ice cream cone and I’m left here freaking out about whether or not we did the right thing…

She would have known a lot of people at the local public school. Should she have gone there?

She would have of course experienced nearly no stress if she had stayed at home with me – unless of course we had killed each other attempting to write the alphabet together.

OK – I know I need to step back and gain perspective here. I’ll wait and see what Hunky Hubby says when he comes home before I start the pulling her out of school process because she seemed quiet (probably tired) after a long day at school (in which she played outside 3 times and probably had a great time.)

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