The Big Day

Tomorrow is the big day! Sassy Pants is off to Kindergarten. We are all a frenzy of excitment and giddiness! Haven and I spent the morning labeling every last crayon, marker, and pencil and sewing a huge pink “H” on my old shirt she is using for an art cover-up. Then a friend, Molly from Colorado, called to giggle with Haven about starting school tomorrow too. After they hung up Haven literally squeeled with delight – and so did I. I guess this is the one benefit of having anguished, grieved, processed, prayed, researched and cried this entire YEAR. After all that I feel so at peace about her going to this particular school that I’m nearly busting for her to start. I believe with all my heart this is the best possible situation for her and I’m so grateful to God that I can feel this way the day before she starts. I’m so thankful all the fears have been addressed, all the research has been done, and the Lord has faithfully led us!

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