Clinical Studies Prove…

This Mommy’s Mood Directly Related to Condition of House!!!

Many people have encouraged me over the years to let go of my expectations regarding my home. After all, I have three little kids, we have lots of people in and out, we have an older home, there are much more important things to do with my time, my children need my attention more than my sink does, etc. (Although, side note: my standards aren’t all that high :))

All I can say is – I have tried and I CAN’T! My mood is directly linked to the cleanliness of my home. I even have a sort of internal sensor. If I’m more than 20-30 minutes away from a picked up, inviting, atmosphere – I think my blood pressure rises. If I’m 40 minutes to an hour away, I begin to feel very annoyed. If I think it will take me over an hour to clean up the house, I get completely overwhelmed and very grouchy.

I’m sorry better mothers everywhere. I can not let it go. I’ve tried. I’m just a much, much, much, better person when my space is in order. Now, please don’t go opening any closets or drawers because those are always a frightful mess. Oh well…

Also, please note – I don’t mind other people’s messes at all. From the bottom of my heart, please don’t pick up your house if I’m coming over. Also, if mine is not picked up when you come over – probably explains why I’m unable to concentrate and my eyebrows are furrowed together. Sorry about that….

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