Thanks for praying for our friend Bob. They did discover a very aggressive form of cancer in his brain. Best case scenario is if he responds very favorably to chemo, (which I guess only 10% of people with this type of cancer do) he could live 2-3 years. The chemo though would only serve to slow the progression of the tumor, it could not completely eliminate it. True to form, Bob has been reciting scripture since he awoke from surgery and has asked those at his bedside to be reading the Word to him. We are all extremely heavy hearted.

I have had a hard time sleeping. I keep laying in bed thinking about what his wife, Barb, must be feeling. How it felt to lay there next to him in bed the night before the surgery wondering if they would ever be able to share a bed again. Wondering how if felt to kiss him goodbye as he was wheeled into surgery. Wondering how it felt to hear the diagnosis. On and on and on… I keep bursting into tears to which Haven is quick to remind me of the hope of heaven. I’m sincerely glad she is not a feeler like me. She keeps earnestly reminding of the truth of God’s heaven.

On a lighter note, I’m surviving this bought of insomnia thanks to my amazing sister-in-law who sent me some corn syrup free Dr. Pepper all the way from TX! It’s awesome and full of much needed caffeine. Thanks Erin.

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