For those of you following the decision making process regarding our eldest and Kindergarten – as a family we have looked into every option for next year. Homeschooling, all the public schools in our area, and private school. We’ve made no long term decisions – but we did decide to send Haven to school for next year.

I feel very relieved to have found a great spot. It’s a small private school with only 60 students, grades K-8. The teacher for Kindergarten has been teaching kindergarten for 26 years and she LOVES kids. She also has just 13 kids in the class and will also probably have a full time aid. We spent time with her this past week and I left so excited for the fall. I was so relieved and pleased I just wanted to hug her!

It’s been a very tough decision overall for me. There were many things in play beyond just our kid’s education. I was contemplating my calling as a mother, ministry outside our home, career hopes and dreams, etc, etc, etc. It was a huge, tangley mess. Again, we haven’t made any long term decisions – but I feel very settled and peaceful about next year.

Now I’m just praising God for the process it’s been and some of the things I discovered about myself along the way. I’ll save all that for some other blog.

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