Love it!

There is almost nothing I enjoy more than the Farmer’s Market in Madison. The capitol square hosts vendors from all over the area selling flowers, produce, honey, jam, bread, jewelery, clothing, meats. Musicians and drama troupes perform on the grass around the vendor tents. It is the perfect blend of all my favorite things…shopping for great food, listening to fun music, people watching, and of course, lots and lots of people watching. There are some really neat people to watch here in Madison.

We typically stroll around, buy some fresh, squeaky cheese curds, and hang out on the capital’s lawn. I will miss this SO much. Here we are goofing off. The perfect way to enjoy a Saturday morning.


4 thoughts on “Love it!

  1. Jess says:

    Well, nothing is official – but after this next school year we will be finished with our original commitment to UW. We will probably be asked to move to another campus. We won’t know where until probably January. I’d really love to stay here in some ways. This place feels like home. I don’t use that word lightly. I haven’t felt like I’ve been home since moving away to college. I love the town, the campus is very cool, and of course – great Farmer’s Markets.

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