Trip Highlights and 1 Sappy Moment

Thank you so much to those of you who prayed for us during our 10 day trip to TN and NC. It was (for me) a little harder than some of our previous voyages have been. Reason? Surprise – just plain ole lack of prayer and perspective. There were so many opportunities to pray and gagillions of things to be praying about, but if you had been with us in our van, you would have most often found me rolling my eyes at the kids for being kids.

They did an amazing job. We dragged them to visit gagillions (I really like this word today – let’s see how many times I can use it…) of people in homes where sometimes things to play with were sparse. They endured many “Just a minute…”s as we chatted with all sorts of people. They went to Sunday school and church somewhere new and didn’t complain for a minute. On and on I could go. They were great.

Ben did a bang up job speaking at his childhood church in Knoxville, TN. Of course, I started bawling in the pew. Hunky hubby is all grown up. I married a really cute college boy and now he is a stunning, godly, man.

Anyway, a few precious moments from the trip…

1. Going to the zoo with our friend John who will soon deploy to Iraq for 18 months. We enjoyed joking around with him all day. He endured TWO meals with us and very tired kiddos. As I gave him a hug goodbye I (of course) started to bawl thinking about him in a war zone. Good to have a face in mind when I pray about the war.

2. We visited THE most beautiful park in the world in Montreat, NC. There were several play structures sprinkled around the edges of a bubbling stream, just at the foot of some incredibly beautiful mountains. To top it off, after the park, I was in the car with the kids who had fallen asleep while the others went inside. I got to read a great book, listen to a gentle rain fall all around AND THEN – Dana, my friend, brought me an amazing cup of coffee to enjoy. Perrrrrfect.

3. Dinner with our friend Emily who works with Samaritan’s Purse. She cooked a great meal, but more than that, after probably 3 years apart, we were able to just pick up in the middle of a great, life long (I hope) conversation. She is so beautiful, smart, sophisticated… Great, great, time.

Last but not least – one quick sappy moment. Just before we left for our trip, my friend Megan moved away to TX. Sob… She left me all her cleaning supplies on her way out of town. Yesterday I started using the Lysol Kitchen cleaner she left and the smell reminded me of her. Wish it had been some lilac bush or fancy perfume that had sent me down memory lane… 🙂 Anyway, miss you Megan!!!

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