Phew…We just returned from a ten day trip stretching across TN and most of North Carolina. We are pooped. I have some great stuff to share, but I’ll just quickly share one story tonight that can not wait.

Our oldest was extremely upset about something. I can’t remember exactly what, except I’m certain it was one of those, “I’m really trying hard not to roll my eyes at you and your ridiculous request” kind of moment. At the peak of her argument she shouts, “Don’t you know, I know EVERYTHING.”

A strange quiet settled over the van as hunky hubby and I calmly contemplated how to tackle this, when suddenly our middle son, 3 yrs old, deftly solved every issue by saying, “Actually, you DON’ T know about Humperskis.”

He said this in all seriousness. Turns out Humperskis, actually they were later named Pumperskis, are waterskis that self inflate so as to create a floatation device for the skier should he need it. Fascinating… And no, Haven did not know about Humperskis and was sufficiently distracted.

We all cracked up for a long stretch of North Carolina. Later Ben and I tried our hand at inventing our own words around 1 in the morning driving back to TN. Very, very, funny…

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