What a beautiful way to start the day…


I’m loving it! Thank you Megan AND PETER!!! (Attention readers – Peter, Megan’s husband actually found this amazing coffee pot. He is thereby granted 35.8% of the great present credit. :))

2 thoughts on “What a beautiful way to start the day…

  1. Peter says:

    Megan is 100% of the cool factor though. So feel free to think of her in the morning when you are a brewin’.

  2. xawilsons says:

    JESS! Hi! I got your blog address in your newsletter and had to stop by! Of course, I’m commenting without having read much yet, but I wanted to make contact. And, one of my pet peeves is blog-stalkers. I have a blog too: http://www.rachelsblatherings.blogspot.com, which you’re welcome to come on over and visit.

    I saw in your newsl that Ben is bringing a former student to my very own town! I so wish it was you and I could lavish hospitality and love on you! If Ben or Casey need anything, let me know and Aaron or I will try to hook them up!

    Okay, now on to reading your deepest, innermost public thoughts! 🙂
    Rae (Liles) Wilson

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