Spring cleaning has taken over here. Nearly every closet, bin, cabinet, and “pile” has been purged. This THRILLS me! In the pile to pass on, Goodwill or sell are a few items I’m a little surprised by. I put my crib ruffle, bumper pad, and curtain in one of those piles. Mmmm… Does this mean I’m forever closing this chapter of my life?

Despite the fact that I put our beat up changing table on the curb, passed on every last piece of infant clothing (I did hold on to a few treasured outfits), and am trying to sell various baby items – I don’t think I’m ready to close the door completely. Ben is ready to have a procedure I think all my readers are very familiar with… I’m not ready.

I’m a pretty solid “J” on the Myers-Briggs, but in the case, I’m going to keep my options open. So, no – I’m not planning on having any more children, but I’m leaving the door open a little longer.

Hunky Hubby and I are meeting with the principal of the Lutheran School we are thinking about sending Haven to for kindergarten. The local public school has been officially taken off the list.

I finally am reconciled to that fact I AM looking for the perfect situation (or as close as I can get). I admit that my standards are probably way too high. I admit I have many fears, prejudices and unresolved issues from my childhoodthat are driving some of this process. This has been hard for me to admit. I’ve been waiting to work through these and then try and make a decision. The verdict from the Lord is – these issues are not going away right now and I have to do ALL I can to make the best decision for Haven and our family. This has brought a new freedom and excitement to all the options we are considering. So, school tours this week, home-school fairs next week, decision made (hopefully) the week after that.

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