You didn’t have to, but THANKS!

For the past few months Ben and I have been scheming about ways to get a swing set for the backyard. We set aside a little money, but not much since we know for sure we’ll only be able to enjoy it this summer and hopefully not much of next because we’ll be moving. Anyway, we’ve Craig-listed, Madison-stuff-exchanged, even scoured a few early garage sales with no results. Yesterday I just let it go. I decided that what I really wanted we couldn’t afford and what we could afford I didn’t really want – so it was looking like another summer of picking a different park to hit each day. Which, honestly – I love to do.  And honestly, I love how creative my kids are outside because they’ve never had a swing set. So, I was all grateful to God and really fine with not having this little piece of the American pie.

Then…someone offered me an amazing fort/swing-set thingy today at church for “whatever…or nothing, really – we want you to have it.” So, this afternoon we packed the kids up and drove out to see the thing. It’s awesome. It’s got a great fort with a steering wheel and periscope! It’s got some great swings, a glider thingy and a rocking slide. It’s older, but it’s still got a lot of life left. We humbly handed them what we had put away for the swing-set – knowing they had paid five times as much at least and cheered all the way home.

THEN – a friend who owns a landscaping company who was planning on coming by to till up part of our lawn for a garden offered to help us go pick up the  monster. Then he graciously tilled up nearly 1/3 of our lawn so we can make a great chipped area for the set, a garden, and a terraced flower bed. Suddenly our wreck of a backyard is transforming into something really amazing. (Did I mention my hunky husband has cut down 8 trees back there!!)

All day I’ve been praying, “Lord, you really didn’t have to do all this – but thank you SO MUCH!!!” And praise God for the gracious couple who basically gave us a great swing set. And praise God for my hilarious kids who I know are going to make some great memories out there this summer. And praise God for my hunky husband who hauled that thing (which weighs about 400 pounds) all over tonight!

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