Our friends had a baby yesterday. For about 20 minutes I found myself reminiscing about bringing home a new baby. I love those quiet hours in the hospital. I love dressing it in it’s “go home” outfit and snapping it into the car seat for the first time. I was about to start my “Don’t you just love new babies…” speech with Ben when my body declared war. I felt nauseated all day and had a killer headache (kinda like how I feel the first 10 weeks or so of pregnancy!!). Was this a psychosomatic episode? Was the Lord trying to tell me something?

Well, instead of giving another baby anymore thought, I bought myself some Squirt – which is the ultimate beverage when you feel nauseated – and baked cookies for the new baby’s mommy instead.

Jesus, if you really want us to have another baby, you are going to have to get REALLY creative because my body has developed combative weapons against even the thought of it!!

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