I love traditions. One of my favorites is the Dager family Christmas tree tradition. We always go to a tree farm and cut down the cheapest, saddest little Charlie Brown tree we can find. Then we make it our mission to redeem the ugly thing and make it beautiful. We’ve made it such a big deal over the years it’s almost like a gospel presentation by the time we are done. We’ve really enjoyed each tree – although this year it was a real stretch. It kind of looked like the robot in “Lost in Space” and I swear it said “Danger Will Robins” a few times.

Anyway, a new favorite is starting seedlings for our garden on Easter. We picked up a few flower seeds, a tray, and potting soil and spent the afternoon getting dirty and talking about death and life. We talked about how dead the little seeds looked – black and shriveled up. We talked about how Jesus is only one that can make dead things live. (By the way, please pray some of these little seedlings grow or we may lose the entire illustration!) I’m not sure how much sunk in with the kids – but it brought tears to my eyes. (I know – what DOESN’T???) I’m so grateful for Jesus today – wish I was everyday.

Hope it was a great Easter for you.  Easter is truly my favorite holiday.

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