The underpants dilema

I recently went to Walmart to find some underpants for my daughter, who is 4 and wears a size 6, and myself who is 32 and wears a size – HA! Did you think I would actually post that? Anyway, it took me 45 minutes! (Thankfully, I was alone on this mission.)

Why 45 minutes? Here’s the thing. There are currently 4 different types of underpants for 4 year old girls. They range from “hipsters” to “hi-cut” and come in many different color choices. First of all I had to find a cut that fit her miles of torso (which tend to make pants too short and underpants cover only 60% of her little cheeks!) and a fabric that was still little girlish. Believe me – it was hard to find. Once I finally found the right cut, all the fabric choices were just way to spunky for a 4 year old. Granted, whose going to see them, but I promise you I found NONE with cute flowers or bunny rabbits. I settled on the least spunky material and made my way to the ladies department.

What did I find there? Another¬†myriad of styles to choose from and NOT ONE fabric choice that WASN’T cutesy flowers and BUNNY RABBITS!!!! What is going on here??????

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