Snuggling with my little sinner

Today was an exceptionally challenging day for my oldest girl. I’ll spare the details, but by the end of the night I was more than ready to bid her farewell for at least 10 hours. Here’s the problem, at the end of this day, my little sinner wanted me to snuggle with her. I always snuggle with her, but tonight I could barely pull the covers up over her little body fast enough. It was all I could do to crawl into bed next to her and begin to scratch her little back. She laid there obliviously soaking up my snuggles and back scratching feeling totally forgiven and free. I was just thinking about how I must do this to God all the time. I struggle through a day filled with sinful thoughts and actions and at night, obliviously drift off to sleep with hardly a ruffle in my feathers… Balance, balance, balance. Do I want unnecessary guilt and shame tying me down? No! Do I want to casually neglect my shortcomings? No! Do I want to crawl into bed and let Ben scratch my back until I fall asleep – um – that would be a YES!!

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