Spent time with another great gal today, whose boyfriend of 6 months had put an abrupt end to their relationship just last night. What could I say? Aladdin was playing for my two oldest in the next room, and my 1 year old was screeching in her crib. Even if I’d had the most ideal words – the sting of pain is hardly lessened by them usually. Even if “A whole new world…” hadn’t been accompanying her choked words of confusion and loss, I think she still would have struggled to express her feelings.

I remember crying late at night over my own broken heart. John – my first love who broke up with me to date my swimming buddy. Dave – who pretty much led me to Christ, only to cheat on me with a non-believer in college. Brian – who never knew I was alive, but I thought was God’s gift to the entire world.

I’m so thankful for 10 years and a very hunky husband which allows me a little perspective on the matter. I can pray for her all the wonderful promises that she has in Christ, remind her of all the precious ways God has provided for her needs in the past, and hope for her for God’s best in the future – even if right now she can’t.

Thanks to those friends who did the same for me.

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